What is a wedding planner and why do I need one?

Wedding planning begins the moment that ring goes on your finger and you are officially engaged. You suddenly get bombarded with questions from family and friends asking, Where will the wedding be? How soon will you get married? Am I invited? Who is in your bridal party? etc. etc. This can be very overwhelming for newly engaged couples who have ideas of how they want their wedding to be but are not sure where to begin.

Your engagement should be a romantic time filled with love and excitement as you prepare for your next chapter together and cherish the memories of being engaged. It sounds like a dream! However, this dream can often be burst when you start thinking of picking a venue, sending out save-the-dates and invitations, choosing the right florist or photographer for you (each with their own style), colours and centrepieces, the list just seems to go on and on… By hiring a wedding planner, it can take the stress away from planning your wedding and allow you more time for fun parts of being engaged such as cake tastings.

While some couples enjoy planning and the process of planning a wedding, other couples prefer to leave this up to a wedding planner so that they can simply enjoy being engaged and this time in their lives. By hiring a wedding planner, it saves you time and money whilst allowing you to bring your plans and vision to life.

So why Perfectly Planned By Jess? I take the stress out of planning your dream wedding by helping you every step of the way. Perfectly Planned By Jess can assist with planning your perfect wedding by providing you with piece of mind to deliver one of the most special days of your life. I can create a custom package to suit your needs, I will work with you to design a tailored package to fit your vision and the wedding you have always dreamed of. I am happy to provide as little or as much assistance as you need to help plan and coordinate your perfect day. Simply put, I love weddings and would love to assist you in making your wedding as amazing as possible.

Planning a wedding amidst a global pandemic

Let’s face it, as we counted down towards midnight on NYE for hopes of a new year and new decade, fighting hand to hand over toilet paper is not what we had in mind! 2020 has left many people feeling anxious about what the future might hold, and has made us take for granted what we once had such as grouping in more than ten people and being able to cut lose on the dance floor at our future weddings.

I know that many brides and grooms are feeling apprehensive about planning their wedding amidst a global pandemic and I can completely understand that. While national and state government rules and restrictions around social gatherings are constantly updated, it is important to remain informed and up to date on what is and isn’t allowed when planning your upcoming wedding; whether it be anticipating to move forward with a 2020 wedding, deciding to elope or have a ‘mini-mony’ or simply planning for 2021 and beyond.

I spoke to one couple who had to move their wedding date three times on short notice once, on as little as a week! They said that they were constantly changing their plans as the government brought in new restrictions, suddenly their 150-person wedding was halved, then it was 50 people, then ten, then suddenly it was going to be the bride, groom, celebrant and two witnesses- this was too hard because it meant that only one set of parents could come to the wedding and so they decided to postpone until later this year and I am pleased to report that they are both now married.

This has taught me a lot about planning a wedding during COVID and I am sure many people reading this have had similar experiences. So, here’s some of the things this has taught me:

It’s time to loosen those hips because we are getting flexible!

Remember during this time to be flexible and adaptable to new regulations! With so much uncertainty around the remainder of 2020 and beyond, it is important to be flexible and consider alternatives to the wedding you had originally anticipated.

This is not to say that all plans need to change, it just means that the way in which you go about them might change; have you considered having a zoom viewing of your wedding venue rather than in-person, or perhaps meeting potential vendors over the phone or skype rather than over coffee?

Keep your friends close and your vendors even closer!

Remember to communicate with your vendors! Keep them up to date on what is happening and how they can make your wedding day perfect. I know you probably do not want to be calling your venue or caterer a million times, but the truth is you might have to. If this does not appeal to you and you’d prefer to binge watch another season of Say Yes to the Dress than maybe it’s time to consider hiring a wedding planning who can communicate to your vendors on your behalf- leaving you all the time to watch those poor dads’ expressions.

Making sure grandma does not miss your wedding!

Finally, remember to think of alternatives for what might happen if your 150-person wedding suddenly gets cut in half or even down to five. Work out if worse comes to worse who you need there. Fingers crossed that the restrictions do not go back to two witnesses but be prepared in case of it falling to a lower number than currently. If nobody else came to your wedding, who must be there and who couldn’t you miss?

Once you have decided this, perhaps its time to consider alternatives for having everyone else there in spirit. I know of a lot of couples who have Zoomed their weddings to family and friends or livestreamed it on Facebook or other online tools which are particularly helpful for interstate attendees that are unable to make it. This way no one misses out and those you need closest to you can still be there. I mean could you imagine if grandma or Aunty Karen missed your wedding, you would never hear the end of it!

All hope is not lost! Although the current government restrictions surrounding weddings might feel like a scene out of Footloose, they are easing and appear to be going back to normal, or at least towards a ‘new post-COVID normal’. So, don’t worry you will be back to doing your best Kevin Bacon impression in no time!

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